How Long Does It Take To Fabricate the Prosthesis?

The procedure typically requires three appointments through the course of a week. If the eye socket is a very difficult one to fit, it could take an additional one or two days. While most other eye fitters take less time, we have found that far superior results are obtained by employing the Modified Impression Method.

Is the Prosthesis Expensive?

Past patients from many different states, and from foreign countries, will attest to the fact that, for almost every person, fine prosthetic work is indeed a priceless blessing! My fees are standard and reasonable for the quality, craftsmanship, and amount of time invested in the designing of this caliber of prosthesis.

Can the Prosthesis be Fitted Over Any Type of Implant?

Absolutely! An added benefit of fitting by this very specific and exacting method makes it possible for surgeons to place special implants in the orbit at the time of eye removal. If such sophisticated implants are fitted by older, traditional methods, there can be danger of pressure necrosis and eventual loss of the implant; whereas, when such implants are fitted by the Modified Impression Method, the likelihood of comfortable retention is nearly one hundred percent.

After the Eye is Finished, What Precaution Should the Patient Take?

As one wears the eye over a period of time minute scratches appear on the surface of the eye (caused by continual lid action against the eye and by handling). These scratches cause the eye to begin to appear dull and can also cause some mattering problems. Therefore, I recommend that the prosthesis be polished in my office at least at six month intervals to assure proper comfort and cosmesis. I also recommend that the patient see his ophthalmologist at least once a year or as often as the doctor directs.

Will a Refit Be Necessary?

Sometimes. A refit may be necessary from time to time due to changes in volume and arrangement of orbital and socket tissues. A refit implies considerable reworking of the eye so that it fits properly once again. Therefore, I will refit only those eyes which I have previously designed and fabricated, as long as the eye is not over seven years old. I am happy to make minor adjustments to an eye which is not over ten years old.

What About a Blind, Unsightly Eye or Phthisical Globe?

It is very common for a patient with an unsightly blind eye or phthisical globe to desire a comfortable “scleral shell.” With my exacting methods, this can comfortably and effectively be done providing the cornea is not overly sensitive.